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Space and Prison Meals (Rimworld Alpha 8)

Space Meals mod! Because Randy hates your cook.

Twelve word description: Hoard precious survival meals. Cook prison meals and deliver them to cells!

Mod origin and progress

So you’ve been sending your colonists off to gather up all those packaged survival meals, but you’re tired of the micro of prioritising hauling, and then forbidding those meals before they crack them all open.

This mod sets the packaged survival meals to ‘Awful’ quality, which means they will be consumed last of all. Nutrient paste quality is adjusted to the same quality as simple meals, so that it is consumed before survival meals. It still generates negative thoughts.

In addition, you can set a bill to cook prison meals, which will taken by the cook to the best stockpile you have set for prison meals – in other words, somewhere where prisoners can reach their food. This allows you to have one meal quality for colonists and another for prisoners.


Alpha 6

v1.0.0 Initial release.  Packaged survival meals rated lower than simple meals.
v1.1.0 Nutrient paste dispenser meals rated better than survival meals (but still give negative thoughts).
v1.2.0 Added prison meal variants of simple and fine meals.  Cook five at a time (stack to ten as usual) or single variants which don’t stack.
v1.2.1 Fixes recipe for fine prison meals similarly to v1.3.0 but for Alpha 6.

Alpha 7

v1.3.0 Updated to Alpha 7.  Fixed a bug in the recipes which meant that a batch of five fine prison meals would only require five meat and five veg.
v1.4.0 The prison meal recipes are now injected into the cook stove using Recipe Nurse, by JuliaEllie.  You will need to enable the Recipe Nurse mod to use prison meals – it is provided in the latest download.  With this arrangement, new cook stove recipes can be added by other mods without any problems.

Alpha 8

v1.5.0 Updated to Alpha 8.  Prison meals are temporarily out of action.
v1.5.1 Prison meals are back on the menu!


As noted in the mod description for 1.1.0 onwards, colonists may still divert to eat survival meals if the nutrient paste dispenser is being used.  So, build more dispensers!

As noted in the description from 1.2.0 onwards, you can now cook prison meals.  These are exactly the same as simple and fine meals, but retextured and separate in stockpile lists, so that cooks can stockpile meals inside prison rooms as you see fit.

Colonists can still eat from prison meals, unless of course they’ve been placed in a prison.

With the 1.4.0 release, you may see some log messages in red when you load up.  That’s just telling you that recipes were successfully injected. :)

With the 1.5.1 release and onwards, prison meals are added to the cook stove in a new way which does not require Recipe Nurse.


Credits: JuliaEllie for the Recipe Nurse tool.

GC3 Mod: Zero Tech Points required for Ages of War, Ascension


Pretty simple mod.  Instead of requiring 3000 or 600 tech points to be accumulated before the Ages of War or Ascension are unlocked, they will be available as soon as you begin.  However, the Age of Victory remains unchanged, at 9000 tech points.

N.B. In order to install this mod (at present) you will need to (backup first!) and overwrite TechAgeDefs.xml in your game’s installation folder.

Also note that at the moment this mod has only undergone preliminary testing.  Effects on gameplay are at this point unknown.  If your galaxy explodes, it’s not my problem. :D

Update to Space Weapons Fix Mod

Download version 6B for GalCiv2: Twilight of the Arnor

Change list:

  • Krynn tech tree fixes: corrected category for Missile Defence Theory, Mass Driver Theory.
  • Drengin Experimentation Centre is no longer an upgrade target for the Improved Slaveling Lab.
  • Hull capacities, hitpoints and logistics have been rebalanced.
  • Armour and point defence modules have been rebalanced.
  • Logistics ability gains from technology have been doubled to compensate.


Marvin Kosh
Marvin Kosh November 13, 21:41 UTC

Hmm.  My first impression of this 6A test game is that either I’ve got really lucky with the colony grab, or cutting the Basic Life Support module is hampering the AI’s ability to colonise.  I have the most colonies as far as I know, and I’m on target to snag a few more.

That being said, the Zylons do get an inherent bonus to Military Production, so that might explain why I’m having such an easy time of it. :)