My plans for RimWorld Beta 18 mods

It’s been a little while since RimWorld Beta 18 was officially released, but I still have a bit of work to do on my mods before they’re all ready. Some of them are now available on Workshop and here on the site.

Here’s an updated list of my mods with brief notes on what attention they need.

  1. Combat Readiness Check – available here and on Steam Workshop.
  2. Hunting Restriction – available here and on Steam Workshop.
  3. Less Annoying UI Sounds – available here and on Steam Workshop.
  4. Nerf the Overpowered Wool – available here and on Steam Workshop, some additional things to be added.
  5. Snow Clearance Sanity – available here and on Steam Workshop.
  6. Ugh You Got Me – available here and on Steam Workshop.
  7. New mod! Less Often Drug Binges – in testing.
  8. Please Haul Perishables – updated, in testing.
  9. New mod! Weed Cutter – in testing.
  10. Sometimes Raids Go Wrong – available here and on Steam Workshop.
  11. Solar Apocalypse and Rogue Planet – currently in progress. Again, there are a few things I’ve been meaning to add, so the A18 version will be a chance to add some features and keep it fresh.
  12. No Doomed Newbies – It’s been a while since I played on an extreme temperature map, but I think this is still relevant, even if it does conflict with every goddamn mod out there.
  13. No Doomed Friendlies – This will likely get downsized now that some of the bugs in A17 have been addressed.
  14. Harsher Tundra – Low on the list of priorities, but it’s a simple mod so I don’t expect any problems.
  15. Really Toxic Fallout – I think it would be nice to expand on this a bit and add new consequences for spending too much time in toxic fallout. That might take some time though, so it’s likely going to the end of the queue.
  16. Peaceful Fixes, Difficulty Expansion – I’ll have to check to see if these mods are still relevant.
  17. Limited Blight, Blight Containment – Alpha 18 changed how crop blight works. I’ll have a look and see how much has changed.
  18. Less Incident Trolling – I did an Alpha 17 version but never released it. I may do an Alpha 18 version, we’ll see how things go.
  19. Less Infestation Cheese – I did a test release of this for Alpha 17, never got any feedback. I might update it, or I might not.

There are a bunch of my other mods that never made it to Alpha 17 (released or not) and I may look at those again, but I think that the above list will keep me busy for a few months.