RimWorld – Winter is Here changelog

Alpha 8

v1.0.0 – Initial release.

  • Tweaked hides to offer only a 25% factor at best to minimum comfy temperature offsets when making clothes out of them.
  • Parkas reduced to -32C (minimum) and -6C (maximum) offsets.

v1.0.1 – Parkas also reduce global work speed by 3%.

v1.1.2 – Winter warrior edition.

  • Winter apparel added: heavy duster, winter jacket, thermal pants and thermal shirt.
  • Added new PawnKindDefs and modified FactionDefs.
  • New pawns have more cash to spend on apparel and use the new cold weather tagged clothing.
  • Renamed the mod folder.

v1.2.0 – Merged in the Lamps, Lanterns and Kits mod.

  • Small orange lamp – limited illumination radius, low power usage. Suitable for use near to a worktable.
  • Mining lantern – glows yellow. Must be fabricated at a smithing table first. Deconstructs to yield a lantern kit.
  • Outdoor battery kits – waterproof. Must be fabricated at the smithing table.
  • Hydroponics kit – nuclear powered, removing the need for an external power source. Hardened against solar flare activity. Make one at the smithing table.
  • Campfire kit – mostly wood. Mostly. Make one at the smithing table.
  • New trader type – oddments. Sells mining lanterns, hydroponics kits, campfire kits, and winter apparel.
  • Renamed the mod folder again.

v1.2.1 – Fixed a minor XML bug (still red message o’ doom though).

v1.3.0 – Even More Kits edition

  • Producton kits: Cooking, Butchery, Smithing, Sculpting and Stonecutting.
  • Security kits: Steel and Plasteel kits for creating improvised turrets.
  • Fixed the Hydroponics Kit. Now uses Uranium Cells instead of Uranium in the recipe. Uranium cells can be crafted at a rate of 7 per 20 Uranium at the smithing bench.
  • Added Prison Meals for both original and kit-based cook stove, from the Space Meals mod.

v1.3.2 – Minor fixes and additions.

  • Apparel tags are reworked. Lower value pawns will not spawn in with power armour.
  • Pawns can spend more on apparel when spawning in – parkas and other winter apparel can be expensive.
  • Tailoring kit is added.

v1.3.4 – More fixes and additions.

  • Pawns from other factions will use the knitted tuque (cloth) only. In theory, leaves more apprel money to use on covering the rest of the pawn. You can still make tuques from any fabric you like.
  • Winter apparel added by the mod can only be crafted from hides. Existing apparel made from fabric will not be affected, but will also no longer be available.
  • Kit turrets now leave wrecks when they explode. The wrecks can be smelted down for 80 steel to compensate for the lack of traditional resource drop. This is true for both steel kit and plasteel kit turrets.

v1.3.5 – Minor fix. Tailoring kits should now be available from oddments traders.
v1.3.6 – Minor juggling of hides insulation values – some animals with good resistance to cold had terrible temperature offsets on hide.
v1.3.7 – Retextures of kit-based cook stove, butcher’s table, stonecutter’s table, tailoring bench, and hydroponics basin.

Alpha 9

v1.4.1 – Upgrade In Progress edition.

  • Turret kits can be upgraded to enhanced versions at the smithing table, crafting skill 6 required.
  • An advanced smithing table can be crafted. Cost: 150 Steel & 5 Uranium Cells. Does not require external power, immune to solar flares. Research required to build the advanced smithing table.
  • Enhanced turret kits can be upgraded to more advanced versions at the advanced smithing table, requiring a crafting skill of 8-12.
  • A uranium power core can be crafted at the advanced smithing table and is a component in the hardened turret upgrade.
  • Hardened turrets drop a deactivated uranium power core when they explode, as well as a turret wreck.
  • Blaster turrets require a charge rifle to make. When the blaster or disruptor turrets are subsequently destroyed, they yield an charge rifle and a turret wreck.
  • Stonecutting skill change mod added – stonecutting is done by colonists with the Mining job.
  • More hide insulation value adjustments.
  • Deactivated uranium power cores can be reactivated at the advanced smithing table.
  • Winter pawns and extra apparel have been deprecated for now.
  • Oddments trader now carries a few more apparel items and will buy them from you.
  • Smithing, tailoring and sculpting tables: compatibility changes.
  • Stonecutting is prioritised before mining, per the Stonecutting Skill Change mod.

v1.4.3 – Fixes and improvements.

  • Additional A8 to A9 updates – impassable work tables become passable.
  • Worktables built from kits now leave some raw resources when destroyed.
  • Re-added winter apparel and pawns.
  • Fixed missing cowboy hat at tailoring table.
  • Adjustments to insulation and stuff cost of winter apparel.
  • Added apparelRequired tags for pirates and mercenaries – less naked pawns.
  • Added a RW Launcher mod option to play without winter stuff.
  • Adjusted max pawn generation ages – no more geriatric pirates!

v1.4.4 – More nerfing.

  • Quality affects the insulation stats on apparel less than before.
  • Winter pawns get apparel which is in slightly better repair, and have an improved pool of money to spend on winter apparel.
  • Added the gladius to the kit-based smithing table.
  • Rebalanced winter pawn point costs.

v1.4.5 – Low point winter pawns, more meals, fixes and Wastelanders.

  • Added low-point winter pawns. Their equipment is poor quality or worse, and their skills tend to be lower.
  • The max generation age for low-point pawns is 20. They may very rarely carry items from the mod, or wood logs.
  • Adjusted winter pawn item quality and health upward slightly.
  • Low-point tribal pawns get less money for weapons.
  • Fix: Oddments trader will now buy your excess winter apparel.
  • Fix: All prison meals can be cooked at the kit-based cook stove.
  • Per the newest version of Space Meals mod, single meals for colonists can be cooked. These do not stack.
  • Per the newest version of Space Meals mod, there are variants of the simple meal, currently vegetable and meat soup.
  • Support added for Wastelanders addon.

Space and Prison Meals (Rimworld Alpha 9)

Space Meals mod! Because Randy hates your cook.

Twelve word description: Hoard precious survival meals. Cook prison meals and deliver them to cells!

Mod origin and progress
So you’ve been sending your colonists off to gather up all those packaged survival meals, but you’re tired of the micro of prioritising hauling, and then forbidding those meals before they crack them all open.

This mod sets the packaged survival meals to ‘Awful’ quality, which means they will be consumed last of all. Nutrient paste quality is adjusted to the same quality as simple meals, so that it is consumed before survival meals. It still generates negative thoughts.

In addition, you can set a bill to cook prison meals, which will taken by the cook to the best stockpile you have set for prison meals – in other words, somewhere where prisoners can reach their food. This allows you to have one meal quality for colonists and another for prisoners.


Alpha 6

v1.0.0 Initial release.  Packaged survival meals rated lower than simple meals.
v1.1.0 Nutrient paste dispenser meals rated better than survival meals (but still give negative thoughts).
v1.2.0 Added prison meal variants of simple and fine meals.  Cook five at a time (stack to ten as usual) or single variants which don’t stack.
v1.2.1 Fixes recipe for fine prison meals similarly to v1.3.0 but for Alpha 6.

Alpha 7

v1.3.0 Updated to Alpha 7.  Fixed a bug in the recipes which meant that a batch of five fine prison meals would only require five meat and five veg.
v1.4.0 The prison meal recipes are now injected into the cook stove using Recipe Nurse, by JuliaEllie.  You will need to enable the Recipe Nurse mod to use prison meals – it is provided in the latest download.  With this arrangement, new cook stove recipes can be added by other mods without any problems.

Alpha 8

v1.5.0 Updated to Alpha 8.  Prison meals are temporarily out of action.
v1.5.1 Prison meals are back on the menu!

Alpha 9

v1.6.0 (Not released) Alpha 9 compatibility and RW Launcher mod options added.
v1.6.1 OKNutrientPaste is retired, doesn’t work in Alpha 9.


As noted in the mod description for 1.1.0 onwards, colonists may still divert to eat survival meals if the nutrient paste dispenser is being used.  So, build more dispensers!

As noted in the description from 1.2.0 onwards, you can now cook prison meals.  These are exactly the same as simple and fine meals, but retextured and separate in stockpile lists, so that cooks can stockpile meals inside prison rooms as you see fit.

Colonists can still eat from prison meals, unless of course they’ve been placed in a prison.

With the 1.4.0 release, you may see some log messages in red when you load up.  That’s just telling you that recipes were successfully injected. :)

With the 1.5.1 release and onwards, prison meals are added to the cook stove in a new way which does not require Recipe Nurse.

With the 1.6.0 release onwards, please note that in Alpha 9, nearby meals will receive more priority than further away meals.


Credits: JuliaEllie for the Recipe Nurse tool.