Sometimes Raids Go Wrong

Sometimes Raids Go Wrong

Mod for: RimWorld Beta 18

Latest version: 1.2.6

Last updated: January 6, 2018

Overall downloads: 2642

Download link:

Sometimes Raids Go Wrong (2642 downloads)

Ever wished that a raid would just go horribly wrong?

This mod allows storytellers to add a random and sometimes hilarious twist to a raid.

Random storytellers get a second roll of the dice and take the lowest (worst) result for the raiders.

On a roll of 1, the raiders experience sudden and rapid ageing, with some of the associated health issues. The progress of the rapid ageing can be slowed with medicine, but the complications will probably stick around.

On a roll of 2, one of two things can happen. If the raiders came by land (that is, they walked in from the edge of the map) then they are beset by random manhunting enemies. If they came by air (drop pods) then those drops pods malfunction and crash rather than landing. This injures and potentially kills the occupants.

On a roll of 3, meteorites fall from the sky and strike randomly near the raiders. Or, if they arrived by drop pods, they arrive intoxicated.

On a roll of 4, several of the raiders arrive on fire and will be pursued by a mechanoid centipede. Or, if they arrived by drop pods, their weapon cndition is reduced by half and they are greeted by foggy rain which will reduce their firing accuracy.

On a roll of 5 to 20, the raid goes ahead normally.

You can adjust the minimum and maximum dice roll values in the mod settings menu.

The rapid ageing is caused by rogue mechanites. Perhaps they were originally developed as a weapon of war, but now they seek out unsuspecting raiders. If the artificial ageing is stopped by the body’s immune system, the only known way to reverse the effects is a concentrated dose of mechanites known as a youth serum.

Sometimes, mechs with incendiary weapons will attack unwary raiders, resulting in lots of fires.

Some raiders are so unlucky that they fail to look up at the right time. This results in squished raiders.

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