My plans for RimWorld 1.0 mods

RimWorld 1.0 is currently available as an opt-in beta on Steam. It isn’t released yet, so I haven’t started the process of updating my mods for 1.0 but here’s what I have planned for my mods.

  1. Combat Readiness Check – test version available, see Ludeon forums.
  2. Hunting Restriction – will be updated.
  3. Less Annoying UI Sounds – will be updated.
  4. Nerf the Overpowered Wool – apparel insulation was reworked, so I will have to re-asses the need for this one.
  5. Snow Clearance Sanity – will be updated.
  6. Ugh You Got Me – will be updated.
  7. Less Often Drug Binges – will need more testing and maybe then will be updated.
  8. Please Haul Perishables – will be updated
  9. Weed Cutter – will be updated.
  10. Sometimes Raids Go Wrong – will be updated.
  11. Solar Apocalypse and Rogue Planet – will be updated.
  12. Anything else – see how things go.